Dr.Debasish Kundu


The Person

Dr.Debasish Kundu grew up in a small town in north 24 parganas district of  West Bengal , at teenage, he moved  to Midnapore with his mother where he developed interest in tribal culture and tribal use of herbs and desire to explore. INDU(Individuals in Development Unity) an all India Bulletin for Social Workers Vol 1 Issue 5 Page 4 Date 15/12/1995  (Editor-A.M.Soman, published from Sai Niwas, Khondgewadi, Lonavla,Pune-410401 Ph.0091-22- 24928338/ 24928948) carried a full page article on him describing him as a leading personality on Natural Medicines. Indian national newspaper Amar Ujala also mentioned him as a reknowned doctor in a news on Spagyric Homeopathy page 8, Date 6/7/2006  (Editor-D Agarwal,Published from Road No 2 Patel Nagar Industrial Area ,Dehradun Ph.0315-2720378,  http://www.amarujala.com/channels/states/uttarakhand/  amongst other medias. 

In OIUCM (Medicina Alternativa) http://www.oiucm.org  conference  at Colombo in November 1993 he has been awarded with Royal Assyrian Order of Merit for his contributions  to Spagyric Homeopathy , on 24/3/1995 OIUCM conference at New Delhi he spoke on Spagyric  Homeopathy and how it is related to Homeopathy, his works received wide appreciation from personalities like Katalin Soltesz, Dentist and Former Secretary, Department of Complementary Medicine,Ministry of Welfare,Budapest,Hungary, Fabio Ambrosi , Former Director,Universita Internazionale della Nouva Medicina, Milan, Italy,  http://www.centriformativi.it/art-35/lo_staff, Mitchell Terry Director, Phylak GmbH from U.K., http://www.spagyricmedicine.com/links/ ,  Guillermo Zamora veteran homeopath from Mazatlan Sinola, Mexico, http://www.homoeopathsonline.com/10.html  etc. Dr Edouard Broussalian,Undisputed Authority on Homeotherapeutics from Geneva ,Switzerland, http://www.homeolaser.ch/ comments in Homeopathy World Community : " Dear Friends I’m amazed by Prof. Debasish’s knowledge of alchemy, which was really an “hermetic” science, completely closed to profanes. Very little is really known about it, and the story of transforming gold is only for the profanes".  Fabio Ambrosi (http://www.centriformativi.it/art-35/lo_staffin his research paper: Some Lights on Electro-Homoeopathy - Between History and Legend quoted him . He has been nominated for Research in Bakken’s collections in 2004 (Bakken Library, MN, USA  http://www.thebakken.org  's letter dated 24/3/2004 ). He was one of the organisers of First International Congress of Holistic Medicines 1-3 December 1996 at Lahore in which Dr Mohamed Ali Barzgar, WHO http://www.who.int/en/ representative in Pakistan chaired on his invitation. In April 2005,Dr Kundu compared the first international conference on Botanical Medicine at Meerut University,Meerut, India,in which a special delegation from Italy participated  http://www.cesaremattei.com&sl=it&tl=en&hl=&ie=UTF-8 .  Dr.Kundu is also a recipient of Bharatiya Samaj Bhibhusan award at National Conference on Ayurveda, Unani & Homeopathy,in 1999 at Mumbai, in 1997, he has been awarded the International Gold Medal at World Congress of Natural Medicines of International Holistic Medical Society, U.S.A.  http://ihmsinc.webnode.com . During 2010, he has been nominated by Gena Beamon, CEO as  Adjunct. Faculty & Associate Professor, Department of Human Behavior,Newport University,USA  http://www.scribd.com/doc/188247498/Catalogue-Newport-University-2010 .During 2010 he has been appointed as External Degree Program Provider of St. Linus University, Phillipines www.stlinusonlineinstitute.com . During 2007 he has been nominated as Member of Syndicate & Visiting Professor, Mooreland University, U.S.A. http://www.moorelanduniversity.com  In 2000,Dr S.Azizur Rahman Principal,Khulna Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Khulna,Bangladesh (Accredited by Bangladesh Homeopathy Board, Dhaka  http://www.homoeopathicboardbd.org/ under Ministry of Health, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh) appointed him as Visiting Professor of Khulna Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Khulna,Bangladesh http://uploadbox.org/image/WqI . He has been honoured with  Pax Mundi Award  in 1995 at New Delhi  http://www.uia.org/s/or/en/1100059621.

In October 2008 he has been honored with Special Achievement Award during International Historical Cultural Conference on E.Omeopatia at Poretta Terme, Bologna, Italy, during his 2008 Europe trip he learnt Italian -European method of preparation of Spagyric Homeopathic Medicines from Prof. Luigi Vernacchia of Alkaest lab, Viareggio, Italy https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alkaest-di-Luigi-Vernacchia/206040042827214 .  He is attached to numerous journals as Editorial Board Member,incl., European Journal of Food Research & Review (EJFRR), Sciencedomain international, Journal of Medical Practice and Reviews, Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, etc. He is a Executive Editor of Holistic Medical Hylite International organ of International Holistic Medical Society, U.S.A., during 2001-2003,he worked as Executive Editor for Health & Social Journal ‘National Medicos’ published from Mumbai (Editor: S.M.Hussain http://avihuss.4t.com/contact.html ) . He is also associated with neumerous charitable organizations as visiting physician , remarkable one is Shri Debdutta Ashram, Jadavwadi, Pune,India. He also helped organise First and Second International Conferences on Homeopathy and Natural Medicines at Khulna,Bangladesh during May 1998 and February 2000. He spoke at numerous national and international conferences  the very recent  was  on 27 & 28th April 2013 at Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.

In March 2020 Debasish has been nominated as Chairman/ President of American Nutritional Medical Association (ANMA), California, USA  by Dr Malik A K Awan replacing him with Debasish.  Linus Pauling , two times Nobel laurate was ANMA member 



His Achievements & Awards

• 2015, Nominated as Advisor(Ayurveda) in Spinal Healthcare Rehab program of Thailand.

• 1995, Recipient, Pax  Mundi Award (United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Award for Medicine)• 1993,Royal Assyrian Order of Merit awarded at World Congress on Oriental Medicines, Colombo

Special Achievements

2017, Award for Excellence & Listed amongst TOP 10 by  HOLISTIC DOCTORS RECOGNITION BOARD OF USA    https://www.hdrb.org/california.html

• 2008,Lectured as Special Guest of Honor ,International Conference on Spagyric E. Homeopathy,  Poretta Terme,  Bologna, Italy

 • 2008, Completed in-house training on preparation of Spagyric Medicines, Alkaest  lab, Viareggio, Italy http://www.alkaest.it/


His Online Papers

Article in JANMA Journal of American Naturopathic Medical Association, Vol 12 No.2 www.anma.org/janma.html

 Article in JANMA Journal of American Naturopathic Medical Association,Vol 12, No.4 www.anma.org/janma.html 

Editorial Column, African Journal of Food Science, May 2009 http://academicjournals.org/article/article1380636055_kundu.pdf

 Article in Om Times Magazine Multimedia 3D Edition May 2013 B Page 28 http://editions.omtimes.com/magazine/2013-05-b/index.html

 Article in Om Times Magazine Multimedia 3D Edition August 2013 C Page 36 http://editions.omtimes.com/magazine/2013-08-c/index.html

 Article in Om Times Magazine Multimedia 3D Edition  February 2014 B Page 46 http://www.editions.omtimes.com/magazine/2014-02-b/index.html

 Research Article on Alternative & Integrative Medicine Journal, October 2013 http://www.esciencecentral.org/journals/spagyric-medicine-purification-of-body-mind-and-spirit-2327-5162.1000141.pdf?aid=20111

 Research Article on Homeopathic Links, Thieme Medical Publishers, Germany, June 2014   https://www.thieme-connect.com/products/ejournals/abstract/10.1055/s-0034-1368340

 Research Article on International Journal of Homeopathy & natural Medicines, Science Group, USA http://article.sciencepublishinggroup.com/html/10.11648.j.ijhnm.20150101.11.html

 Research Article on International Journal of Homeopathy & natural Medicines, Science Group, USA http://article.sciencepublishinggroup.com/html/10.11648.j.ijhnm.20150103.11.html

• Research Article on International Journal of Homeopathy & natural Medicines, Science Group, USA http://article.sciencepublishinggroup.com/pdf/10.11648.j.ijhnm.20170303.12.pdf

• Research Article on  The Internet Journal on Herbal & Plant Medicine


His Published Books

1) Principles & Art of Cure (Indian Books & Periodicals Publishers, New Delhi/Originals, Delhi)

2) Materia Medica & Drug Pathogenesy (Indian Books & Periodicals Publishers, New Delhi)

3) Materia Medica & Practice of Medicine (Originals, New Delhi)

4) Diseases of Women (Adopted from Margaret Seifert’s Krankheiten Der Franen)

     By Dr.Shefalika Kundu, Edited By Dr.Debasish Kundu (Indian Books & Periodicals

     Publishers, New Delhi/ Originals, New Delhi)

5) Natural Medicines(An Encyclopaedia of Complementary Healing Arts & Sciences) Co-

    Authored with Dr.Malik A.K.Awan President,  American Nutritional Medical

    Association,CA,U.S.A. Foreworded by Dr Rui Oliviera, Portugal (Kruger Brentt Publishers

    UK Ltd,68 St Margarets Road,Edgware,Middlesex,United Kingdom,HA8 9UU)


6)  A Clinical Treatise on Cancer (Indian Books & Periodicals Publishers, New Delhi)

7)  Aids & Homeopathy - Co-Authored with Dr.S.Azizur Rahman, Ex-Member,

     Bangladesh Homeopathic Board, Dhaka, (Indian Books & Periodicals Publishers, New Delhi)

8)  Pharmacodynamics in Electro Homeopathy(B.Jain Publishers, New Delhi)

9)  Lectures on Materia Medica & Therapeutics (Indian Books & Periodicals Publishers, New

      Delhi /Originals, New Delhi)

10) A Treatise on Electro Homeopathic Pharmacy By Prof. Dr. Debasish Kundu &

      Dr.A.Singh, Foreworded by Dr.Fabio R.Ambrosi, Ex-Director, Deptt. of Natural Medicines,

      Universita Internazionale Della Nouva Medicina, Milan, Italy (Originals, New Delhi)

11) A Treatise on Spagyric Homoeopathic Pharmacy   By Prof. Dr. Debasish Kundu

      Edited By Dr. Vijai Kant Agnihotri, Scientist, CSIR, Govt of India, Foreworded By Raffaele

      Pezzani, University of Padova, Italy. (Originals, New Delhi)

12) Aids & Your Sex Life (Sahni Publications,New Delhi)

13) Inimicals & Antidotals in Homeopathy with Dr. Sudeshna Kundu (Indian Books &

      Periodicals Publishers, New Delhi)

14) Materia Medica for the New Age Man Co-Authored with Dr A.Jayasuriya, Chancellor,

      The Open  International University ,Colombo and Edited by  Dr. M Ahmed, Member,

      Bangladesh Homeopathy Board, Dhaka (Originals, New Delhi)

15) Notes on Spagyrics (Originals, New Delhi)

16)  Pharmacodynamics in Spagyric  Medicine(Plant Alchemy) – Co-Authored with

       Dr.Sudeshna Kundu, Edited by   Gisela Bruckel, Germany, El Akrem Hayouni , Tunisia,

       Forwarded by Dr.Peter Morrell(UK) , Prof.Luigi Vernacchia,   Dr.Fabio Ambrosi , Italy

      (LBO Publishing, 700 N Valley St., Suite B PMB 11884 Anaheim, CA 92801, USA)

17) Mysticism, Romance & Secrets of Count Cesare Mattei (LBO Publishing, 700 N Valley

      St., Suite B PMB 11884 Anaheim, CA 92801, USA)

18) Cesare Mattei’s Principles of Electro Homeopathy-Interpreted, Rewritten & Enriched with


19) Essentials of Acupuncture Co-Authored with Dr. Choo Led Sin, Chairman, International

      Federation  of Acupuncture,  Singapore (Originals, New Delhi)

20) Essentials of Trace Elements & Bioplasgens - Edited by Dr.Malik A.K.Awan (U.S.A.), Foreworded by Prof. Seyed Farzin  Hassanzadeh Salehian (Iran) (Originals, New Delhi)

21) Principles & Practice of Naturopathy- Edited by Dr.Malik A.K.Awan (U.S.A.), Foreworded by Prof. Seyed Farzin  Hassanzadeh Salehian (Iran) (Originals, New Delhi)

22) A Text Book of Food, Nutrition & Dietetics Edited by Dr.Malik A.K.Awan (U.S.A.), Foreworded by Prof. Seyed Farzin  Hassanzadeh Salehian (Iran)

23) Notes on Medical Jurisprudence & Toxicology-Assisted by Dr. Ravi Justin Raj, Edited by Dr.Malik A.K.Awan (U.S.A.),

24) Notes on Minor Surgery –Edited By Dr. A.K.Banerjee

25)  Project Management in Information Technology Edited By Prof. Allesandro Rapparani,

   IIS Belluzzi Fioravanti, Bolgna (Italy) Foreworded by Wrishiraj Kaushik, CEO, Libresoft

    Technology Pvt. Ltd., Inventor of SuperX Operating System 

26) Ancient  Remedies  for  Modern You: Herbology & Ayurveda In Common Illnesses Edited by Prof Roger Haw, President, Ansted

      University, British Virgin Islands, Foreworded by Dr Amin Baig, Chairman, International Alternative Medical Council, NGO Branch

      of UNESCO

 Contributed Book

Holistic Health, Healing & Astrosciences Vol II Edited by B D Sharma, B Jain Publishers,

   New Delhi)

 Online Book

•The Forgotten Children – Co- Authored with Dr.Malik A. K. Awan, Member, American Bar Association, CA,USA 


Books Under Print/ Preparation

Alchemy :The Mystic Science for Health, Sex and Longevity

• Curse of Corona 

• Treatise on Yoga & Meditation Edited by Buddhist Lama Leonardo Anfolsi, NutroGeno Journal, Italy

•Tantra Wisdom : The Mysteries of Kamakhya & Matritantrams Foreworded by W.Morningsky, USA

• Wonder Tales of Tibet 

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His Pain & Grievances

Continued deprivation by Government of West Bengal Social Welfare Department from his demised mother’s government dues,

although several authorities passed orders in his favour.



His Aspirations

He is looking for making world class spagyric medicines in India and looking for people who could finance in the project. There are still many places he wants to visit to exchange his ideas and thoughts on spagyrics or homeopathy and even more to which he wants to return to the community. His camera is charged up and his backpack is packed; drop him a line if you know where he should go next 


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